Gitta-Grip! ™ is a patent-pending product that significantly enhances the grip between a tool and a fastener, making it especially useful on damaged screw and bolt heads. A small amount applied on the contact surface of the screwdriver, wrench or socket does the job. This compound is simple to use and makes a potentially time-consuming job a quick and easy fix.

Gitta-Grip™ Grip Enhancing Compound also aids in the initial installation of the fastener, helping the tool get a secure “grip” on the screw or bolt so it won’t slipand damage the head or work surface.  Coming soon! Gitta-Grip will be at an Ace Hardware store near you!


The best biodegradable bath towel in the world. Our towel is allergy free, absorbent and soft. The world is going green and we are leading the way.



The Phone Muffler reduces wind distortion, increases voice clarity, has a hard poly carbonite shell, and even comes in iPhone models. Other Models Also Available


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